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How to Hammam Step-by-Step

Once you walk into the hammam lounge, you will be guided by our attendants to the reception area to confirm your service. You will then be led to a private room to change and lock up your personal belongings. Our bathing assistants will provide you with a traditional cotton body wrap called ‘Peştemal’ and slippers. After wrapping the peştemal around your waist you will head down to the hot room called sıcaklık. The room is completely covered in marble and features several washing sections, kurna (water basins) set around the wall, and a göbek taşı (heated marble platform) in the center under the dome.

The traditional Turkish bath starts with a slow long warm water rinse, sitting on marble benches pouring water over yourself with brass bowls. Then you will lie down on the göbek taşı for a few minutes. While you relax and gently sweat, do not forget to take time to appreciate and admire the historical hammam setting around you.

After you have stayed for 10-15 minutes in the hotroom your skin will be softened enough for exfoliation. Your bathing attendant-natır for women or tellak for men- will give you a thorough scrub with a special mitten called a ‘kese’ and scrub off the dead cells of your skin. After the scrubbing is complete, bowls of cold water will be poured over your head.

The Turkish Bath continues with a long-awaited foam massage; ‘köpük’. While lying on the central, heated marble slab (göbek taşı), your bathing attendant will cover you with foam, giving you a gentle massage using a special cloth lathered with sudy soap and squeeze masses of bubbles all over your body.

This unique, relaxing and rejuvenating foam massage experience will be followed by a cold shower to rinse off the bubbles. You will then get a quick shampoo and a few more bowls of water poured over your head until you are fully clean.

Your hammam ritual is almost over and generally should take around an hour. However, if you feel like staying longer, you can linger in the bath area and relax as you lay back on the göbek taşı and make the most of it. When you are ready, the attendant will give you a clean towel to dry your body and guide you to the private sofa lounge, where you can sit and chill and drink a cup of şerbet (an Ottoman-style cold, sweetened fruit juice), water or tea, served with dry fruits and nuts.