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Turkish Bath (Hammam) Tradition

The concept of “hammam” (also known as Turkish Bath) originating from the Arabic word “hamma” meaning “heating up”, is a public bathing tradition that dates back to the Roman times, which has been passed on to the Byzantines and then to the Ottoman Empire.Bringing their Asian tradition with them, the Turkic people merged it with the Roman bath culture they found in Anatolia, and a new synthesis was born, the “Turkish bath.”

Apart from being spiritual and cleansing spaces, the “Turkish Bath” in the Ottoman were also considered as meeting places where people would come together to socialize, enjoy time, partake in conversation, meet their friends and conversed or argued over politics.

Serving as an integral part of community life and a symbol of a culture that has been passed down through generations, today Turkish Baths are still considered as an important ritual and a major part of the Turkish tradition.

An Authentic Turkish Bath Experience

‘Take a break from the hectic city life and pamper yourself with a luxury authentic experience in a fascinating white marble piece of heaven.’